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Document Archiving Software

Paper Archiver is an easy-to-use document management tool for home or office users.

PaperArchiver enables you to scan, encrypt and compress an unlimited quantity of documents and allows you to relocate them using the previously assigned keywords or descriptions.

All file types are supported and can be archived as attachments to the documents.

Furthermore you can organize all kinds of paper documents or any other files in order to make a encrypted digital copy for later, other users or notebooks etc.

PaperArchiver allows you to capture, scan, fax, store, index, organize, retrieve, and search for all your scanned papers, images and computer documents with ease.

Using PaperArchiver, you will never lose a document again!!


Features and installer package

  • PaperArchiver enables you to make an digital, encrypted, findable copy
    of all your documents.
    The encryption and user authentication protects
    your documents against not authorized use.
  • PaperArchiver is free usable and includes the Browser Tools by
    (Online Radio, Free TV, Gadgets)
  • PaperArchiver can be used simultaneously from different users and is
    network compatible.
    Restrictions are defined by user authentication and group policies.
  • PaperArchiver supports any file types as document attachments.
  • Paperarchiver includes an free 'Send-Fax' module (MS-Vista supported).

System Requirements

  • Windows Vista/XP-SP2/2003
  • Scanner with Twain interface support
  • Installation requires admin rights
  • Service pack 2 required for Windows XP

Install und download

 1. Download (3MB)
 2. Extract, run and install PaperArchiver
 3. Select the *archive folder* on hard drive
 4. Enter a new password and confirm it, to open the administrator account.
 5. Use the 'scan to grayscale image' option to optimize the program performance

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